120 Days of Tweeting

by Jennifer Miller on September 18, 2009

in Social Media

In May of 2009, I joined the ranks of Twitter by embarking on a 30 Days of Tweeting Experiment. After the Experiment concluded, I blogged about it on this site. It’s now been 120 days since I started tweeting. Perhaps my readers can gain insights into my additional learnings in these ensuing  90 days. 

All that I reported in the 30 Days of Tweeting post still holds true.  Here’s what I’d add:

  • Quit trying to convince people to continue with Twitter if they don’t like it. People are either drawn to Twitter, or they’re not.
  • There’s a lot of energy being expended about the value proposition of Twitter—can it make money, will it be around next month, what the next big thing?  I’m sure these are useful conversations for somebody, but for me it completely misses the point.  I enjoy Twitter and I’ve found value in it.  Period. End of sentence.
  • Twitter is great at helping recovering control freaks like me let go of needing to know everything.  I’ve blogged about this in Nosy Neighbor and The Art of Serendipity. It’s continues to amaze me that the information I need to see manages to be there when I’m looking.  If it passes my by the first time, it always seems to come around again in a re-tweet or new blog post.
  • Here is the biggest thing I’ve learned about Twitter—the most active people on Twitter are some of the most open and generous folks I’ve met in my professional life.  I reached out several times to people with a request—for their opinion, reference material, or to help broker a connection.  I’ve never been turned down.

So will Twitter help my business make thousands of dollars? I don’t know and it doesn’t matter.  Twitter has substantially helped me get the word out about mastering the people equation. And that does matter.

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Ruchi September 20, 2009 at 2:20 pm

Congrats for crossing first crucial 120 days, if you have stayed this longer , you will be a twitter-er forever. Neverthless, we would definitely appreciate your presence & chirping around forever over the twitterverse. How otherwise, is possible to meet Gr8 people if not Social World ! Twitter for me is akin to having conversations with nice , warm, talented, friendly, genuine souls. Or is it that i am lucky ? Your take & perspectives on twitterverse are very refreshing.

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