5 Things a Leader Needs to Successfully Launch a New Job

by Jennifer Miller on February 12, 2015

in Leadership

When you start a new job, what’s your plan for getting acclimated to your new role? Do you even have a plan? Throughout the years, I’ve observed leaders – either coming in from the outside, or transferring departments – launch their leadership journey. The most successful ones start their new job before they walk in to their new office on their first day. Why? Because they understand that to hit the ground running on Day One, they must take prior action.

In my latest article on Smartblog on Leadership, I chronicle the actions of fictional leader “Tracey”, a recently hired director-level manager. Tracey’s story is a compilation of the many leaders I’ve observed over the past two decades, and how they’ve successfully integrated into their new role. You can read more about the five things new leaders must do before their new job starts in What leaders must do before Day One of a job.

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