A New Look for The People Equation

by Jennifer Miller on March 24, 2016

in Business Management

Exciting news! The People Equation is getting some “work done.” Over the next few months, the site will undergo a transformation – with the aim of providing you access to useful and timely information to help you “master the people equation.”

First up, a new “look.” Here’s the new logo:


Here’s what graphic designer Lauren Mary Wege had to say about the design she created for The People Equation’s new logo:

I went with a graphic that emphasizes the hexagon – the hexagon is a mathematical form that is also found in nature. This image works well for your logo given the nature/nurture aspect of communication and people. The hexagon with points around it is a subtle take on people around a table.

My thanks to Lauren for providing a visually interesting new look for the blog. She’s fantastic to work with and I highly recommend her.

For those of you who know me professionally outside of this blog, I closed my consulting and training business SkillSource of W. Michigan, Inc. at the end of 2015. After 20 years as a corporate trainer, speaker and executive coach, it was time to reinvent myself. I re-opened my business doors as The People Equation, LLC on January 1, 2016. This new venture will focus on you, my readers, and bring you the latest information on how to lead yourself and others towards greater career success.

Would you do me a favor? I’d love to have you join the conversation at our Facebook page, The People Equation.

Stay tuned for further announcements about the blog’s new “look.”

As always, I welcome feedback.

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