Articles on Assessing Employee Performance – Tips and Trends

by Jennifer Miller on March 2, 2015

in, Human Resources

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Who loves getting their job performance graded? Just about nobody. But I was one of those dorky people who actually didn’t mind receiving or giving a performance review. Why is that? I love feedback and want to do my job better, and I liked helping my team members do the same.

The idea of a “review” of sorts is a good one, but somewhere along the way, it’s become a bureaucratic mess that human resources professionals and managers both dread.

Last month, I tackled the issue of the performance appraisal on my HR Answers page. Is the performance appraisal dead? If so, what takes its place? And [spoiler alert] if you still have to write a self-appraisal, you better just put on your big kid pants and deal with it.

Please enjoy my two articles on the state of employee performance appraisals with 4 Positive Alternatives to the Dreaded Employee Performance Appraisal  and Are These Six Things Standing in the Way of a Positive Self-Appraisal?

In a similar vein, people are sometimes skeptical when they are invited to take a leadership “assessment”. Because, hey, “assessment” is going to mean that you’re somehow being judged, right? Just exactly what is an assessment, and is it a good idea to take one? I give you the low-down in How to Boost Your Leadership Assessment Experience.



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