Carnival of HR at ReThink HR

by Jennifer Miller on September 29, 2010

in Blog Carnival, Learning

The Carnival of HR is back in town and this time it’s being hosted by Benjamin McCall, a fellow learning and development professional. Benjamin has been busy lately, ramping up with a new role as Leadership Performance Consultant for Standard Register, blogging at Rethink HR and acting as editor for a soon-to-be released anthology e-book on learning. If you want a copy, sign up for Ben’s mailing list here.

When you read Ben’s blog, it’s clear he has a passion for his work in organizational learning. With the help of Shauna Moerke, Ring Mistress for the Carnival of HR, he’s gathered a fantastic group of HR bloggers who will challenge, inspire and in some cases, just plain crack you up. Just like at our local Hudsonville Fair, there’s a little somethin’ for everyone: be it tractor pulls, craft shows, or my personal favorite– freshly squeezed lemonade. His “Carnie Categories” include HR, Technology, Talent Management, Leadership, Wellness and Attitude. 

Check it out here and always, a huge thanks to those who allow me to participate.

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