Ideas for How to Implement Stay Interviews at Your Company

July 9, 2014

  “Stay interviews”—one-to-one career conversations that help leaders determine which employees are a top “flight risk” from the company—are the subject of my June articles at the HR Answers page.   If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of stay interviews, start with this primer: Stay Interviews: A Low-Cost Solution for Improved Employee Retention in which you’ll […]

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Workplace Trends Influencing How HR Does Its Job

June 5, 2014

Is your company capitalizing on the latest HR trends? Last month’s articles on my HR Answers page focused on several of these trends. From the ways that mobile technology influences how organizations recruit new talent, to employees’ “do-it-yourself” attitudes, it is imperative that human resources departments stay up-to-date on these developments. To learn more, check […]

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HR Articles on Employee Choice and Tips for Newly Promoted Leaders

May 1, 2014

I wrote three articles this month for my HR Answers page; here’s a quick summary: The first article is based on fascinating research from Columbia professor Sheena Iyengar on the psychological aspects we face when making choices. I came across this information a few years ago when her book The Art of Choosing came out and […]

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HR Answers Articles | Gamification for HR, Losing Top Talent and More

March 25, 2014

This month’s writing for my HR page covered a wide range of topics: talent management, emerging technologies and their implication for Human Resources, leadership mindsets and ways that companies “scare off” potential employees with bad recruiting practices.   As always, I’m open to suggestions for new topics – just let me know in the […]

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HR Answers Articles on Interviewing, Training and Talent Development

March 6, 2014

Here’s the round-up of articles for my February HR Answers page. This month I highlighted two different interview formats: the panel interview (in which a group of interviewers interview a job candidate at one time) and group interviews (in which the employer interviews groups of people for the same job at one time.)   These […]

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11 Articles on Interviewing, Employee Onboarding and Leadership

February 20, 2014

Looking for some useful articles on interviewing, new employee onboarding and leadership? Check out last month’s articles on my HR Answers page – I was in the mood to write!   First, I did a set of articles on the ways that organizations and the hiring managers who work there can improve their hiring practices: […]

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New Employee Onboarding – Best Practices, Tips and Resources for Retooling Your Process

January 23, 2014

Sometimes executives say the darndest things.  .  . True story:  a group of human resource and training professionals were sitting around a table giving an overview of their new employee onboarding program to a team of senior-level executives from throughout the country. As the presentation drew to a close, one of the executives, “George” piped […]

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HR Articles on Employee Counseling & Leadership Persuasiveness

January 9, 2014

Hello, everyone! For my December HR Answers articles, I focused on leadership persuasiveness, how to deal with upset employees and confidence-boosting tips for newly promoted leaders. I’d be happy to write more extensively on any of these topics; just let me know what you’d like to see more of in the comments section. Or, drop […]

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4-Part Series on Effective Management Coaching

December 11, 2013

For the month of November, I tried something new with my HR page – I wrote a series of articles that elaborated on an existing article in the Answers library called Essential Management Coaching Skills for the Best Results. The result is a series of articles on four key attributes of coaching: communication, relationship […]

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10 Articles on Coaching, Mentoring, Training and Presentations

November 4, 2013

Here are the articles I wrote for my HR page this month. When I start the month, I don’t necessarily have a theme in mind, but often one emerges. This month’s theme tended towards “development” – via coaching, mentoring, tips for making effective presentations and, drawing on my corporate trainer roots, a trainer’s checklist. […]

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