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How to Improve the Quality of Leadership Development

March 3, 2015

Is leadership development a waste of time? Some might say “yes”, that formal leadership training isn’t worth the time and effort. Of course, as a former corporate trainer and a current leadership development consultant, you probably can guess where I fall in response to that question. Leadership development is important, but it takes many forms. […]

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Truths in HR, Employment and Training – HR Carnival

February 26, 2015

“Truth” is a funny word, because, c’mon – one person’s “truth” is another person’s delusion. That’s why I was intrigued when Dwane Lay of the Dovetail Software blog asked us to submit what we’ve learned to be true about the HR profession for this week’s Carnival of HR. I chose to focus on the training […]

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49 Ways to Make HR Better

January 16, 2015

The ever-positive Steve Browne, who blogs at Everyday People, is hosting the week’s Carnival of HR. Steve, whose day job is VP of HR for a restaurant chain, asked bloggers to contribute their advice for “how to make HR better.” And, wow, did people crawl out of the woodwork with ideas. 49 people offered suggestions […]

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28 Essays on Leadership Character, Management Issues, and Culture

December 2, 2014

This month’s Leadership Development Carnival is hosted at Michael Lee Stallard’s blog. Michael organized the posts into four categories for easier reading: – Leadership skills – Character of a leader – Management issues – Company culture – Other practical insights There are nearly 30 great essays on leadership, management, employee engagement and company culture, so […]

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29 Essays on How to Develop Leaders

October 7, 2014

Mary Ila Ward of Horizon Point Consulting is the host of this month’s Leadership Development Carnival. The carnival, which was started by Dan McCarthy of the Great Leadership blog, takes an occasional road trip. This month, it’s at Mary’s blog “The Point Blog.” Twenty nine leadership bloggers  contributed to the carnival with thoughts on: –  Managing the […]

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Carnival of HR is at the HR Schoolhouse

September 10, 2014

Robin Schooling is a football fan. She also blogs at the HR Schoolhouse and is Managing Director of the Silver Zebras HR consultancy. Today she’s combined both of those passions into a football-themed blog carnival. Says Robin, “Carnival of HR covers the fundamentals of the game, ongoing conditioning and strength training, defensive strategies, and offensive […]

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29 Ways Leaders Can Inspire and Motivate People

August 5, 2014

What are the best ways to inspire and motivate people? That’s what’s up for discussion for the August Leadership Development Carnival. The carnival, typically hosted by Dan McCarthy of the blog Great Leadership, sometimes takes a road trip and this month it arrives at its temporary home, hosted by Shawn Murphy (@shawmu on Twitter) at […]

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15 Essays About Parenting and Leadership

July 18, 2014

Back before I had kids, I thought I was a really good leader. Maybe I was, but now that I’m 13 years into this parenting thing, there are definitely some additional realizations that have come into my field of vision. Karin Hurt, founder of the blog Let’s Grow Leaders, has also seen the parallels between parenting and great […]

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30 Articles on Navigating Change

June 20, 2014

This month’s Frontline Festival from Karin Hurt’s blog Let’s Grow Leaders focuses on change. Not surprisingly, Karin had a record number of submissions for this topic. The phrase “how to deal with change” is a frequent keyword search for this blog. People are highly curious about how to deal with transitions and navigate changing situations. […]

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22 Tips for Career Development – Frontline Leaders Festival

May 16, 2014

This month’s Frontline Festival hosted by Karin Hurt of the Let’s Grow Leaders blog is a topic near and dear to my heart: career development. Karin asked her blogging colleagues in the human resources and leadership fields to offer up tips for career advancement both for yourself and for others. 22 career experts offer advice on: – […]

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