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@weaveinfluence Hosts May 2014 Leadership Development Carnival

May 6, 2014

I first met Becky Robinson when she was writing the blog “Leader Talk” for a university. She has since moved on and now owns Weaving Influence, but she still hangs with the leadership development crowd. This month, Becky hosts the May Leadership Development Carnival (which occasionally ventures out and about from its normal home at Dan […]

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25 Articles on Leadership: The March Leadership Development Carnival

March 4, 2014

This month, the Leadership Development Carnival is being hosted by Mary Jo Asmus, executive coach and blogger extraordinaire. Mary Jo has assembled over 25 fantastic articles on leadership including: – How to get along with your fellow managers – Counterfeit leadership (interesting!) – When running away is running toward (I read this when it first […]

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What Great Leaders Do – Leadership Development Carnival

February 4, 2014

My friend and Character-Based Leader co-author Chery Gegelman is hosting the Leadership Development Carnival this month. Chery asked us to submit posts about “what great leaders do, posts that  highlight vision, passion, courage, commitment and even a willingness to sacrifice their very lives to create a legacy of change.” Wow, that’s big stuff. And, boy did […]

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20 Articles via #remixHR – The Carnival of HR

January 29, 2014

This month’s Carnival of HR is offered up by Melissa Fairman of the HR reMix blog. Melissa is an “in-the-trenches” HR expert, meaning HR is her day job and blogging is what she does for fun. Melissa is hosting a great carnival with over 20 articles on topics such as: – Developing your employees – Employment law -Recruiting -Leadership -Team development […]

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25 Stories About Leadership Giving

December 20, 2013

The best leaders give – of themselves, of their wisdom and of their time. Karin Hurt, of the Let’s Grow Leaders blog, did a very creative blog carnival this month. She asked leadership bloggers to write about leadership “gifts”, leaving the definition of gift open to interpretation. What emerged are 25 very different takes on […]

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HR Carnival – 19 Essays on Leadership, Career Development, Employee Engagement and HR Practices

November 20, 2013

Once again, it’s my pleasure to host the Carnival of HR, and as always, there is a delightful and diverse array of topics from which to choose. So go ahead, dig in to your favorite topic – be it leadership, career development, employee engagement or the nitty-gritty of human resources best practices – enjoy! Thanks […]

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Essays on Gratitude – How to Give, Receive and Share at Work and Home

November 18, 2013

How do you give gratitude? How do you receive it? The American holiday of Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Karin Hurt of the blog Let’s Grow Leaders has compiled an excellent gratitude-themed compilation of essays to help honor the holiday. Topics include: – How to Give Thanks and Praise – The State of […]

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Career Advice from HR Experts

October 9, 2013

Wondering how to get some solid career advice? Look no further than Karin Hurt’s Let’s Grow Leaders blog, this week’s host for the Carnival of HR. Karin asked human resources bloggers, writers and practitioners to offer up their best advice for advancing your career. The round-up includes suggestions in the categories of: Becoming a better […]

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15 Essays on Leadership, Workforce Practices & Talent Development

September 25, 2013

The Carnival of HR has pulled into town once again and this week’s host is Jesse Lyn Stoner of the Seapoint Center for Collaborative Leadership blog. Jesse has organized the posts into the categories of leadership, workforce practices and talent development, and building relationships. In this carnival you’ll find topics such as: – Things a […]

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28 Ideas for a Leadership Individual Development Plan

September 4, 2013

Individual Development Plans (IDPs) are the way that many companies formalize their employees’ professional development. Dan McCarthy of the Great Leadership blog posed this question recently to his blogger community: “We all know that individual development plans (IDPs) need to be tailored for each leader. However – if you had to recommend ONE THING that every leader should […]

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