December 2011 Reading Round Up

by Jennifer Miller on December 8, 2011

in Blog Carnival

Hello, readers!

In addition to The People Equation, I write for a couple of other blogs. Several of those pieces published this past week, so here’s a rundown in case you want to peruse additional content related to human resources, leadership and being workplace savvy:

December Leadership Development Carnival
Becky Robinson, Director of Social Marketing for The Kevin Eikenberry Group is hosting the December Leadership Development Carnival. The carnival typically runs as one (huge!) post the first Sunday of each month. Becky and Kevin decided to shake things up a bit and this week Becky is featuring 10 – 12 posts each day. It is, as she says, “Our gift to you this season is the opportunity to slow down and savor each group of posts in this carnival.” See the carnival segments here: Part One, Part Two, Part Three and Part Four. (Part Five was in the works as of the writing of this post. If you click on any of the other links, Part Five will be featured when it publishes.)

If you want your submission to be considered for a future Leadership Development Carnival, check out the Carnival Guidelines courtesy of regular host (and founder of this carnival) Dan McCarthy.

SmartBlog on Leadership
Every two weeks, members of the Lead Change Group community write for Smart Brief Media on their leadership blog. Last week was my turn, so I offered up Is Stress Ruining Your Leadership Development Efforts? It’s my take on how executives often shoot themselves in the foot by creating pressure-cooker “learning” environments. 


Over at the Women of HR site my post Bully Boss or Tough Boss. How to Tell the Difference is gaining traction. Bullying was on my mind when I wrote this a few weeks ago (due to a personal experience), and the topic surfaced in a huge way this week over at Erin Schreyer’s blog with the post It’s Up to Us to Teach Our Kids to Lead! This is powerful stuff; I encourage you to read this post and the many heartfelt comments that people left.

Also at the Women of HR—Editor-in-Chief Lisa Rosendahl has lined up an excellent series based the manifesto Six Rules Women Must Break In Order to Succeed. Starting December 12th, Women of HR writers share their thoughts and reactions to this manifesto.

Newsletter Offer

Finally, this isn’t a blog, but it’s a resource you might enjoy. I issue a monthly (ok, more like quarterly) e-newsletter that features tips for becoming workplace savvy. My December newsletter featured tips for holiday office etiquette, a recommended reading list for business books and more. It’s a companion to my blog, so the content is complimentary, not a duplication of my blog posts. Click here if you want to sign up. I don’t sell my lists and I promise to respect your privacy.

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