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by Jennifer Miller on January 26, 2015

in Answers.com, Human Resources

As a content expert for HR Answers, I’m always on the lookout for the latest trends in human resources and leadership development. This month, I did a summary of intriguing social sharing trends in the HR field, plus I wrote a few articles related to the employment life cycle.

First up is 3 Trends in Social Sharing that Impact HR  in which I look at the societal trend of “sharing” through the human resources lens.

When it comes to the employment life cycle, I think of onboarding and offboarding as the “bookends” that support an employee’s overall experience with an organization.  I’ve written extensively on HR Answers about onboarding and this month I wrote about offboarding in 4 Reasons to Treat Departing Employees Well .

And finally, keeping with the employment life cycle theme, here’s an interesting take: what if companies looked at all of the features of employee movement as one integrated process? That’s the idea proposed by HR tech analyst Holger Mueller in The Rise of Transboarding in Human Capital Management. Mueller’s idea is primarily conceptual at this stage, but it’s worth considering, if only for helping organizations better manage onboarding and offboarding practices.


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