Five Stories of Giving Thanks and Gratitude

by Jennifer Miller on November 27, 2014

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Here are some of my favorites posts related to giving thanks and gratitude:

1. Comedian Sarah Silverman is not the first person I look to for inspiration, but I appreciated her take on creating happiness in The Difference between Finding Happiness and Being Miserable.

2. Show your gratitude to the people you work with – here are 11 Ways to be a Giver at Work.

3. What if somebody shows you their gratitude? How do you respond? Their gratitude is a gift; don’t throw it back in their face. If you are uncomfortable receiving praise, read How to Recive a Compliment Graciously.

4. My Thanksgiving Day wish in 2012 was a William Faulkner quote about how gratitude is like electricity. I still love that quote.

5. And this post because I just love my Paul Bunyan and Babe salt-and-pepper shakers. I really do. Maybe they’ll be on our Thanksgiving table for today’s feast.


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