Free Resource – 18 Ways to Think Before You Speak

by Jennifer Miller on December 4, 2014

in Communication

What is it so hard to shut up cover artWhy is it so hard to shut up? Evidently, many people ask themselves that question and a Google search leads them to my blog. Go figure. So I pulled together a nifty tip sheet called “Why is It So Hard to Shut Up? 18 Ways to Think Before You Speak.” It’s a downloadable tip sheet that offers suggestions for things to think about before you open your mouth to speak. This will come in handy in preventing foot-in-mouth disease.

And, a bonus – when you download my “THINK” sheet, you’ll also get a link to my e-book “Influence: Your Secret Weapon for Career Success” which is full of specific tips for creating stronger connections both inside and outside your company walls.

To receive your free copy, click here.

If you download this tip sheet, please let me know: what did you like best about it?

And a hat tip to the team at Weaving Influence for helping me bring this resource to you.



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