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by Jennifer Miller on March 17, 2011

in Office Politics

 Today I gave a presentation to the Grand Rapids Area Professionals for Excellence on “Office Politics: How to Deal with Bad Actors in a Good Way”. Throughout the presentation, I made reference to books and blog articles that contained great information about navigating office politics while maintaining one’s integrity.


 Here’s that list of resources:


Navigating Office Politics (video) – via Leila’s House of Corrections

Gust: The “Tale” Wind of Office Politics – by Tim Johnson

Importance of Cultivating Your Influence – while not specifically about office politics, leadership coach Art Petty shares sage advice for leaders: “Be aware of politics, and instead of denying it, use ethical finesse in coping with and managing it.” 

Office Politics Blog Series, curated by Jane Perdue. – created by author Franke James, this is an online forum for people seeking advice on how to deal with “bad” office politics. Franke’s book “Dear Office Politics: The Game Everyone Plays” was a 2010 winner of the Axiom Awards.

Political Skill at Work – by Gerald Ferris, Sherry Davidson and Pamela Perrewe.

I also drew upon information provided to me by fellow leadership consultant Angie Chaplin. She sent me a two-part series from the site on navigating office politics. Read it here and here. Thanks, Angie!

What other resources do you use to help you navigate office politics in a positive way?

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