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by Jennifer Miller on March 6, 2014

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answers.comHere’s the round-up of articles for my February HR Answers page. This month I highlighted two different interview formats: the panel interview (in which a group of interviewers interview a job candidate at one time) and group interviews (in which the employer interviews groups of people for the same job at one time.)


These two posts provide tips for the employer:

 How to Conduct Effective Group Interviews

Panel Interviews: How to Avoid Looking Like the Firing Squad

These two posts are for the job candidate:

High-Pressure Panel Interviews: How to Stay Cool

College Graduates, Jump Start Your Career with These Job Search Resources

I also drew from my years as a corporate trainer to create two articles on training design:

How to Create Winning Hands-On Learning Activities

Six Questions Every Trainer Should Answer Before the Training Starts

Finally, here’s an article that contains excellent research from the Institute for Corporate Productivity on six best-in-class practices companies are using to develop their workforce:

Retain Top Employees with These Six Talent Development Practices

Happy reading!

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