HR Articles on Employee Choice and Tips for Newly Promoted Leaders

by Jennifer Miller on May 1, 2014

in, Human Resources

answers.comI wrote three articles this month for my HR Answers page; here’s a quick summary:

The first article is based on fascinating research from Columbia professor Sheena Iyengar on the psychological aspects we face when making choices. I came across this information a few years ago when her book The Art of Choosing came out and then again the other day in a TED Talk. Iyengar cites her work with several companies and the discoveries made when offering employees benefit choices. So, I wrote 4 Ways to Help Employees Make Better Employer Benefits Decisionsto help human resources professionals understand that “more” isn’t always better when it comes to employee benefits choices.

The second two articles address the critical first weeks of a newly promoted leader’s tenure. One article, Get Up to Speed Fast in Your New Leadership Role with These 3 Relationship Building Techniques outlines three important pieces of information a new team leader must share with his or her direct reports in order to get the balling rolling on the important element of trust-building. The other article looks at the flip side: what key information must the new leader be listening for? You can read more about this article in: 3 Things Every New Leader Needs to Hear from the Team.

Go on over and check out the articles and as always, let me know what you think, either here or in the comments section on the HR Answers page.


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