HR Articles on Employee Counseling & Leadership Persuasiveness

by Jennifer Miller on January 9, 2014

in, Human Resources, Leadership

answers.comHello, everyone! For my December HR Answers articles, I focused on leadership persuasiveness, how to deal with upset employees and confidence-boosting tips for newly promoted leaders.

I’d be happy to write more extensively on any of these topics; just let me know what you’d like to see more of in the comments section. Or, drop me an email at jen.people.equation <at> gmail  <dot> com.

Happy reading . . .

Performance Appraisals Gone Bad: How to Deal with an Upset Employee

Should I Counsel Employees on Personal Problems?

Why Leaders with Remarkable Character are the Most Persuasive

Ways to Increase Your Leadership Persuasiveness Skills

Four Ways to Boost Your Confidence as a New Leader

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