HR Carnival, Freaks, and Serendipity

by Jennifer Miller on June 9, 2010

in Blog Carnival

One of the greatest things about playing in the social media arena is the wonderful serendipity that unfolds.  For example, a few months back, I was comparing resources with fellow leadership development colleagues Dave Brand, Dan McCarthy and Susan Zelinski . At that time, they recommended the site Institute for Corporate Productivity as having great free resources. (This conversation turned into the blog post 25 Free Leadership Development Resources).

Then, a few weeks ago, I received notification that the HR Carnival would be hosted by Erik Samdahl of (wait for it) the Institute for Corporate Productivity.  See what I mean? Ah, serendipity.

So, how could I not offer up a post?  I’m pleased to be affiliated with the great bloggers that contribute to the bi-weekly HR Carnival posts.  Take a look at Erik’s compendium for this week’s Carnival:  HR Carnival: HR Freaks.

Also, a well-deserved shout-out goes to Shauna Moerke , who, as the Carnival’s Ring Mistress, has to step in from time-to-time and get us back in line. Thanks, Shauna.  We couldn’t do it without you!

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