HRBN Privacy Policy

HRBN_logoThis blog is part of the HR Blogger Network, an exclusive network of HR-focused blogs. To earn some revenue from my blog content, I, along with the other bloggers in the HR Blogger Network, serve ads on and off our blog via third-party partner, ReTargeter. ReTargeter uses cookies on our site (and other sites in the network) to serve relevant ads to our visitors on our blogs and on other sites around the web.


Cookies are small pieces of data that store information. Cookies are used for many crucial web functions, like remembering items you’ve placed in a shopping cart, or storing your log-in credentials for websites. Advertisers also sometimes use cookies to deliver ads that are more relevant.

How We Use Cookies 

ReTargeter uses cookies to store the fact that you’ve visited this blog, which allows them to then serve ads to you on other sites around the web.  This method of advertising allows me and the other bloggers to sell more impressions without completely filling our site with ads.

This blog does not store personally identifiable information or share any personally identifiable information with third parties. To learn more about ReTargeter’s practices or to opt out from cookies, visit their privacy policy.