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by Jennifer Miller on January 19, 2010

in Blog Carnival

Many blog experts counsel to “keep your main thing your main thing” meaning: if I say I’m blogging about workplace dynamics, then stay true to that theme.  And for the most part I do.  Once in awhile, though, I get inspired by someone looking to use their blogs for the greater good.  Today that someone is Mike VanDervort.  He’s asking HR professionals to use their research skills to highlight an aid group that can help with disaster relief in Haiti.  His specific request is here. Mike’s no stranger to reaching out to help others.  He did so in November with his HR Carnival of Giving.

In the Grand Rapids Press the other day, there was a feature story on International Aid.  According to the organization’s website, International Aid “is on a mission to transform lives by offering practical solutions to critical health care needs in the world.”  The non-profit nearly went under this summer, but has managed to survive and is ramping up to help the earthquake victims in Haiti.

To learn  more about International Aids’ story and to find out if their mission suits you, please go to their website.

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