Leadership Carnival- Holiday Celebration

by Jennifer Miller on December 6, 2010

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Dan McCarthy, the author of the top-notch leadership blog Great Leadership hosts a monthly Leadership Carnival. Dan generously shares the wealth and every few months, he invites fellow leadership bloggers to host the carnival on their own blog sites. This month is hosted by the inimitable Jane Perdue, President of the Braithwaite Innovation Group and blogger for Get Your Leadership Big On. Jane recently contributed to a leadership anthology co-authored by none other than leadership guru Warren Bennis.  It’s called Yes You Can! Reaching Your Potential While Achieving Greatness and you can learn more about the book here

Jane Perdue, President, Braithwaite Innovation Group

My connection to Jane began about this time last year when she invited me to participate in a five-part series on Office Politics. Throughout that project, I came to know Jane very well; I think a great deal of Jane’s professionalism and her joie de vivre. As a former HR executive for a very large communications company, Jane is the antidote for those who think that executives can’t have heart and still succeed. 

This month, Jane has assembled a Leadership Carnival called Holiday Celebration, with 53 (!!) entries. Look for my entry in the “Some Holiday Twinkle and Cheer” section.  Check it out here. Thanks to Jane for curating a HUGE offering of leadership writings. It’s a tall order! 

Next month, the carnival back at Great Leadership.

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Jane Perdue December 6, 2010 at 9:24 am

Jennifer —

Touched by your generosity and good spirit…great leadership role modeling at work!

Sending smiles and inspiration your way,


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