Leadership Carnival: Academy Awards Edition

by Jennifer Miller on March 8, 2010

in Blog Carnival

Great Leadership Academy Awards EditionHave you ever received a nomination for an award that was totally unexpected?  You know, you’re just sitting in some meeting and all of a sudden, they’re announcing your name and you’re thinking “did they just say my name?” I had that experience this morning when reading Dan McCarthy’s blog Great Leadership .  This month, Dan uses an awards ceremony theme.  I’m  honored to be one of the nominees for “Best Actress”, along with Mary Jo Asmus, Sharlyn Lauby, Alice Snell and Lisa Rosendahl.


Given that these ladies are HR and Leadership heavy-hitters in the blogging world, I felt a bit like the Marisa Tomei of the crowd. But it is an honor to be nominated and I appreciate that Dan selected my blog post as one of the nominees in this fun tribute to the Academy Awards.


 Want to know who won?  Check it out here. Dan hands out 6 awards and showcases a dancing Art Petty.  Now, tuning in to see that would be worth it, right?

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