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by Jennifer Miller on March 6, 2010

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People Equation Updates

People Equation Updates

Activity on The People Equation has been light recently due to my many offline projects. Here’s a quick run-down on what’s been happening and how you might benefit from knowing about them:

The HR Happy Hour Tackles Leadership

Earlier this week I was a guest on the The HR Happy Hour radio show (Episode 35: The Leadership Show).  Talk about a lively discussion!  Well-known digital HR influencers like Jason Seiden and Lance Haun dialed in to give their take on today’s leadership issues. Adding insights to the conversation were callers Deb Exo, veteran Talent Management pro (and a former colleague from my Herman Miller days) and  Steve Browne.

Fellow guest Amanda W. and first-time HR Happy Hour participant held her own with the fast pace and fluid topics.  I’m not giving her credentials online because she was “undercover”—she works as a training manager for a multinational financial services firm and her employer frowns on public displays of . . . um, I’m not exactly sure. But I don’t want to blow her cover.

As is typical with the HR Happy Hour, there was an active backchannel going on Twitter.  One of the strongest tweet threads was “are leaders born or made?” Personally, I’m bored with that discussion, but Ben McCall took the idea and ran with it in Leadership: One Size Does Not Fit All. My thanks to Ben for featuring my post 25 Free Leadership Resources within his article. (Check out the comments section on Ben’s post to see why I’ve grown weary of the debate.)

After the show, I received several Direct Messages and emails from friends who were listening, including one of my former direct reports from 17 years ago! (Thanks for the kind words, Katie.) My thanks to Dan McCarthy, Jessica Miller-Merrell , Stephanie Kempa, Victorio Milian and  Joan Ginsberg for listening in, talking about leadership and most of all, your words of support!

Writing, Research and Interviews

Recently the Managing Editor of Executive Travel magazine contacted me to pen an article for their “Winning Strategies” column in the July/August edition of the magazine’s print version. It’s an article on how leaders can create a customer service culture. So I spent much of my week conducting research and interviewing company owners to uncover their strategies for creating a customer-centric culture. Stay tuned—I’ll let you know when the article is published.

This week, I was also an interviewee when a colleague interviewed me for a book she’s writing.  It’s super-secret— still in the planning phases. But I can tell you this: she’s on to something with an idea that will help those of us who are self-employed.  

Next week, I’ll be interviewed by Barb Giamanco for a presentation she’s doing on social media. Barb and I are both authorized Independent Distributors for Inscape Publishing and she’s been asked to make a presentation at their annual conference.  This has tremendous meaning for me; I credit Barb with being my social media mentor and for helping me get started with Twitter and blogging. So, for her to now be featuring me in her social media presentation is an honor.

Positive Office Politics Takes Flight

It all started with a DM from Jane Perdue asking “want to write an article on office politics?” From there, it turned into the Positive Office Politics Series, which gained the attention of Franke James, Editor and Founder of Office Politics.com. which is the #1 site for this topic.  Both Jane and I have been featured as Guest Advisors on the site.

Now, Franke and I are taking it a step further and collaborating to bring The Office Politics Game to life here in Michigan.  On March 24, I’ll be facilitating an Office Ethics session using Franke’s book Dear Office Politics: the game everyone plays as the basis for workshop. Franke has worked with big names like Tom Peters and Edward DeBono , so it’s a thrill to have her expertise guiding me.

 So that’s what’s happening for us here at the People Equation.

 See anything that’s of interest to you? Want to know more? Email me at jmiller@people-equation.com and we’ll chat.  Hope you have a great week!

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davidburkus March 8, 2010 at 8:50 pm

You’ve been busy. Thanks for spreading the word on positive office politics. I feel a book coming eventually.

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