People Equation Top Posts – Jen’s Picks for 2012

by Jennifer Miller on December 27, 2012

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Jen’s Favorite Blog Posts of 2012

Earlier this week, I posted a recap of 2012’s most-read blog posts on The People Equation, based on the number of pages views for each blog post. Numbers tell a story, but not the whole story. Here are five blog posts that were important to me, even if they didn’t make the Top 10 list.

How Saying No Elevates Your Integrity – This is my favorite post of the year because the concept has been so useful to me personally and to my coaching clients. The idea is simple, yet profound: any form of hedging reduces your credibility.  This concept resonated, as evidenced by the number of social shares and comments.

Why You Should Care About the Office A$$hole – This post garnered some interesting dialog, which surfaced the question – is it incumbent upon members of management to remove office “jerks”?

Do Your Words Encourage or Deflate? –It was this blog post that caught the attention of Harvey Schachter, writer of Monday Morning Manager column for The Globe and Mail. He featured this post calling it Are Your Emails Inspirational Reading? Since then, Harvey’s picked up a few of my blogs and featured them, for which I’m very grateful.

The Carnival of HR – Fall Colors Edition – It’s always an honor to host a blog carnival. The Carnival of HR is a long-standing online tradition that publishes every other week. This carnival held an additional surprise for me. After hosting the Fall Colors edition, business writer Wally Bock featured my carnival-hosting process as a recommended template in his post How to Host a Blog Carnival.

30 Days to More Influence at Work – This is actually a page on my blog, rather than a post. It represents my intention to continue to offer materials of value to The People Equation readers. This was my first foray into “free e-courses”. It was fairly successful, so next year, I’ll be looking to do even more in that realm.

If you’re a regular reader of The People Equation, I’d love to know – what was your favorite post this year?

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