Tips for Employee Relocation, Training Conferences and Coaching

by Jennifer Miller on December 1, 2014

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My November articles for the HR Answers page cover the issues of successful employee relocation, conference opportunities for people in the learning and development field and how to recognize employees’ natural “intelligences” when you coach them.

I met a woman who specializes in “acculturation”—which is helping people who have recently moved to a new town “learn the ropes” about their new community. HR Managers are often in the position to hire these relocation experts. Read more about this interesting trend in Why HR Managers Should Hire an Acculturation Expert.

So many educational opportunities, so little time! I polled my colleagues in the learning and T&D community to find out which conferences are worth the time and money. What resulted is this round-up of the Best Conferences for Learning and Development Professionals.

Taking a page from psychologist Howard Gardner, a pioneering expert in the field of multiple intelligences, I wrote an article that helps managers use these intelligences when coaching employees. Read how to better relate to employees in 8 Smart Tips for Coaching Your Employees.


I’m always looking for topics to write about for the HR Answers page, so feel free to let me know what you’d like to learn about. Happy reading!

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