Top Career Advice in 2012 – Personal Effectiveness is Key

by Jennifer Miller on December 31, 2012

in Personal Effectiveness

I often write about personal effectiveness because it’s the one area in your career over which you have complete control. In 2012, here’s what I advocated in the way of being the “best you” so you could build a satisfying career:


1.  Start your work week strong.


2.  Pay attention.


3.  Learn to receive a compliment with grace.


4.  Show up.


5.  Be a giver.


6.  Try on new “stories”.


7.  Learn how to say no to an idea.


8.  Get good at pitching your ideas.


9.  Don’t let a lack of leadership title prevent you from influencing change.


10.  Failure can be a good thing. Cultivate a growth mindset.


11.  Make your perfectionism work for you.


12.  Are your ideas about “success” and “career” holding you back?


So there you have it – twelve personal effectiveness-building ideas for the year 2012. As we close out this year, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your readership. Being able to share my writing with you is a wonderful privilege.


Please drop me an email and let me know: what career advice are you seeking for 2013 that will help you on your personal effectiveness journey? I’m always looking for topics to write about.


All my best to you!





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