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by Jennifer Miller on March 3, 2010

in Leadership

Tomorrow, I’m going to be a guest on the HR Happy Hour radio show.  The topic is Leadership Development.  Of course, it’s a huge topic and time will be limited on the show, so I decided to create some resources on my blog for the Happy Hour listeners to check out after hearing the show. Before I do though, I want to give a grateful shout-out to Steve Boese and Shauna Moerke, hosts of the show. I appreciate the opportunity to share my knowledge with an ever-widening group of Human Resource professionals.

First up—my Twitter Round Up of leadership folks.  Yes, Twitter has the “list” function and there are some great Tweeple lists out there (more on that later), but it’s hard to know if you want to follow them all.  So I offer to you my two cents’ worth on why I follow these folks. If their stories resonate with you, give them a follow.

The Lead Change Group

If you’re serious about creating character-based leadership in your organization, I suggest you check out the  Lead Change LinkedIn group.  It’s an extremely diverse group of individuals who are connected due to their passion about making a difference.  The group was founded by Mike Henry; the Discussion section on LinkedIn is very active. 

Mike has created 1-click Tweeple listing so you can immediately see the whole group and determine whom you’d like to follow.  A technical note: even though you can follow everyone with one click, I suggest you only follow in batches of about 25 people at a time.  Otherwise, Twitter might temporarily suspend your account because they perceive you as “spamming”.  Many of the people listed below are members of the Lead Change group, so check the Tweeple list out first.[Editor’s note: see Mike’s comment below about Tweeple slowing down the process to avoid this issue.]

The Leadership Development Practitioners

These folks are in the field doing the work within companies.  They have deep professional experience and a generous spirit.  I personally can vouch for them all.  They don’t always tweet frequently, but they’re worth following all the same.

Dave Brand
Dan McCarthy
Susan Zelinski

The Coaches
There are many coaches on Twitter.  I highlight these for both their consistent excellent Twitter content and their high level of professionalism.

Mary Jo Asmus
Mike Myatt
Kate Nasser
Anne Perschel  

The Leader’s Leader
These prolific Twitterers also have leadership titles within their respective organizations.  I follow several C-level players on Twitter, and these guys are the ones that actively engage.

Steve Keating
Michael Hyatt  
Mark Oakes

The Thought-Leaders

Many of these folks are members of the Lead Change group. Authors, professional speakers, bloggers, business consultants, philosophers—their common thread is helping people become better leaders. I’ve had personal interaction with all of them—via emails, phone chats, Skype, guest blog posts and collaborative blogging projects.

Roy Atkinson  
Doug   Edgar
Joan Koerber-Walker
Sharlyn Lauby  
Susan Mazza
Jane Perdue  
Steve Roesler  
Erin Schreyer  
Jason Seiden  
Don Shapiro

This is where it gets fun . . .please help me add to the list.  There are so many fantastic people on Twitter—let me know your favorite Twitter resources for developing leaders.

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Laura Daley March 3, 2010 at 6:43 am

Randy Hall @4thgear is one of the top three smartest people I’ve ever met. His concepts in terms of leadership are powerful-he’s a great listener and an equally great human being.

Mike Henry March 3, 2010 at 8:30 am

Jennifer, thanks for the great plug. We do have a lot of great leadership-people in the group.

First of all, I’d add you. I appreciate your blog and insights. Many of the more than 300 people on the list you mentioned above have great blogs, books and slants on leadership as well.

One note too, TweepML slowed down the actual process of following to reduce the errors. But I also created a Twitter list ( that you can follow to see who you like before actually following them individually.

Thanks again, Mike…

Joan Koerber-Walker March 3, 2010 at 9:58 am

Jennifer, what a wonderful list this is and what a great resource for all of us. Thank you for showing YOUR leadership by making the time to share your resources with others – after all THAT is what leaders do!

All the best,

Joan Koerber-Walker

Jane Perdue March 3, 2010 at 3:05 pm

Jennifer – celebrating and recognizing are hallmarks of great leaders, so a tip of my hat to you for putting this list together! I’m honored and grateful to be included with so many high caliber individuals who offer the leadership world so much!

David Brand March 3, 2010 at 5:41 pm


I am thrilled to be included in this great list of those who have a ‘connection with’ and a ‘passion for’ leadership. I appreciate you sharing this list and helping people make connections. THANK YOU! – Dave Brand

Anne Perschel March 11, 2010 at 10:00 am

Jennifer – Muchas Gracias. There is one important addition to the list. YOU.

Jennifer March 12, 2010 at 9:28 am

Hello, all!

I’m belated in my thanks for all of your kind words. Thanks for the support– it means a great deal to me!

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