About Jennifer

Math equations have always stymied me. I mean, what the heck is a “slope intercept,” anyway?

But people and their interactions in the workplace? I’m all about those types of “equations.” People have always fascinated me. Guess you could say I’m a professional people-watcher. If you pay attention, it’s amazing what you’ll discover. And that’s true whether you’re in the grocery store or in the office.

A lot of fascinating stuff goes on day-to-day in the workplace: office politics, executive transitions, promotions, demotions, squabbles among co-workers. The “red thread” that runs through whatever happens in a business is people—and it’s the humanity that I spotlight on The People Equation.

This blog is about helping you master the “people equation” in a way that helps you figure out how to lead yourself (and others) towards career success – in a positive and respectful way. So whether it’s advice on how to be gracious when accepting an apology at work or tips for ways to be a better boss , you’ll learn interesting and useful information for how to make the most of your interactions with your boss, peers and the other colleagues you encounter at work.

Other fun facts about me:

I’m a writer for hire. See my freelance writer’s site.

I’m 50% Slovakian.

The writing bug struck early: my first written piece was published at age 13 – an op-ed article in my town’s local newspaper.

I’ve co-authored two books—a college text book anthology and a book on character-based leadership.

Food is an obsession–I read cookbooks like some people read novels!

My entire career has revolved around the “people” elements of business: human resources generalist, corporate trainer, supervisor, internal consultant to executives and career coach. Want to know more? Check out my professional history on LinkedIn.

I love olives. And chocolate. But not together.

You can follow me on Twitter – @JenniferVMiller, or this blog – @People_Equation.

The corporate arm of my business provides John Wiley & Sons Everything DiSC® and the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ suite of assessments to HR and Training managers for integration into their employee development training programs.


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