Is leadership development a waste of time? Some might say “yes”, that formal leadership training isn’t worth the time and effort. Of course, as a former corporate trainer and a current leadership development consultant, you probably can guess where I fall in response to that question. Leadership development is important, but it takes many forms. It’s not just about attending conferences or one of those fancy executive development courses. Developing leaders happens every day, whether intentionally or not. The challenge is that the people in charge of developing leaders (that would be the leaders of leaders) don’t always see their actions in the light of “development.”

Because of this lack of focus on daily development, there’s a long way to go. According to Development Dimensions International (DDI), only 25 percent of HR Managers surveyed said the capabilities of their organization’s leadership was “high quality.” Quibble with the stats if you want, but clearly there’s room for improvement.

This month’s Leadership Development Carnival is hosted by Rich Wellins of DDI. He asked carnival contributors to submit antidotes to the apparent leadership development gap. What resulted were 15 essays on the ways we can better develop leaders. You can read all of the fantastic ideas at The March 2015 Leadership Development Carnival.



Articles on Assessing Employee Performance – Tips and Trends

March 2, 2015

Who loves getting their job performance graded? Just about nobody. But I was one of those dorky people who actually didn’t mind receiving or giving a performance review. Why is that? I love feedback and want to do my job better, and I liked helping my team members do the same. The idea of a […]

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Truths in HR, Employment and Training – HR Carnival

February 26, 2015

“Truth” is a funny word, because, c’mon – one person’s “truth” is another person’s delusion. That’s why I was intrigued when Dwane Lay of the Dovetail Software blog asked us to submit what we’ve learned to be true about the HR profession for this week’s Carnival of HR. I chose to focus on the training […]

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Are These 5 Signs of Trust Evident in Your Workplace?

February 26, 2015

Welcome to Trust-Building Thursday, a new series on The People Equation. Each month, we’ll explore trust in the workplace and offer practical tips for building trust with your boss, colleagues, peers and team members. You can see other installments of the series here. Do you work with people who trust you? Do they trust others? […]

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Are You Using the Right Type of Leadership Power?

February 25, 2015

Every leader has two types of power, and knowing when to use each type will determine your leadership success. The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines power as, “possession of control, authority, or influence over others.” Now, if you are an enlightened leader, most likely you will shudder at these words in reference to your leadership approach. […]

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6 Truths about Training and Development

February 23, 2015

Helping people learn new things is super-fun. It isn’t always easy, but it’s always gratifying. For over two decades, I was a corporate trainer, conducting in-person learning programs and later, webinars, to a wide array of employees. I’ve facilitated programs in warehouses, stuffy conference rooms, outdoors, and with simultaneous translation to groups of non-English speakers. […]

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Leaders See the Potential in Nearly Every Situation

February 16, 2015

  As a leader, where do you focus your attention? If you said something like, “I fix problems” or “I help people improve,” you’d be like countless other leaders across the globe, primed to “close the gap” or strive for “relentless improvement.” And, according to psychologist Dr. Kathryn Cramer, you’re focus is misplaced. In her […]

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5 Things a Leader Needs to Successfully Launch a New Job

February 12, 2015

When you start a new job, what’s your plan for getting acclimated to your new role? Do you even have a plan? Throughout the years, I’ve observed leaders – either coming in from the outside, or transferring departments – launch their leadership journey. The most successful ones start their new job before they walk in […]

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Being Neighborly Builds Trust – #Sprinkles by @ChipRBell

February 10, 2015

Service that delights, surprises, and amazes—it’s what we crave as customers. And, we are all customers.  We’re service providers, too. Whether it’s as an office professional, an entrepreneur, a restaurant manager, a volunteer, a manager, a parent—there is always the opportunity to serve. But “service with a smile” isn’t a given; companies invest millions each […]

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How to be A Great Leader

February 9, 2015

A few months ago, I reviewed Frank Sonnenberg’s latest book, Follow Your Conscience: Make a Difference in Your Life & in the Lives of Others. It is my great honor to host Frank’s guest post here today. Guest post by Frank Sonnenberg Great leaders achieve success by setting the bar high, encouraging teamwork, promoting win-win […]

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