Carnival of HR is at the HR Schoolhouse

by Jennifer Miller on September 10, 2014

in Blog Carnival, Human Resources

HR-Carnival-300x116Robin Schooling is a football fan. She also blogs at the HR Schoolhouse and is Managing Director of the Silver Zebras HR consultancy. Today she’s combined both of those passions into a football-themed blog carnival. Says Robin, “Carnival of HR covers the fundamentals of the game, ongoing conditioning and strength training, defensive strategies, and offensive game-changers.” She offers up over 30 HR-related articles plus a bonus – overtime!

You’ll read topics such as:

– The future of job titles

– Repurposing HR

-Let’s call a truce in the war for talent

-Things to consider when conducting a video interview

– The modern recruiter

-Why more than half of organizations have no formal HR strategy

That’s just a sampling of what’s available in Robin’s awesome collection of essays about human resources, talent development, employee engagement and recruiting. Check it out at Carnival of HR: What Wins Championships Edition.


Riding the Rapids of Change in Your Professional Life

September 8, 2014

These past few months, I’ve been reading about how two of the largest trade associations in my field have been experiencing growing pains. Or perhaps, more aptly put, they’ve been experiencing “changing pains.” If you follow SHRM, then no doubt, you’ve read about the kerfuffle caused when SHRM announced the creation of their own credentialing […]

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Your Leadership Style – Unique as Your Signature

August 25, 2014

How do others experience you as a leader? According to psychologist Kathryn Cramer, every leader has a “signature presence,” a set of leadership assets that are as unique as your handwritten signature. Just as your autograph telegraphs who you are, so, too, do the daily actions that comprise your leadership presence. Think about your signature […]

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Resume Writing Tips from the HR Trenches

August 21, 2014

As part of the research for my HR Answers article, Top Resume Writing Tips from HR Managers and Recruiters, I reached out to my colleagues who have deep expertise in talent acquisition. They provided so many great resume writing tips, that I couldn’t include all of them in the article. So you get some excellent bonus […]

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How to Develop Your Trusted Inner Circle

August 18, 2014

The other day I picked up a copy of Trust Rules: How to Tell the Good Guys from the Bad Guys in Work and Life from the library. “Good guys” and “bad guys” seemed a bit stark in its philosophy, but admittedly, the title caught my eye. So I checked it out and read it. I’m […]

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How to Foster Creativity, Communication and Connection with Your Team

August 11, 2014

Would an executive at your company set up shop in the middle of the IT help desk, hang a gutted fish over his desk and declare, “The doctor is in?” In effect, that’s what Paul Bennett, chief creative officer at IDEO, has done, and he claims it’s helped him foster creativity in a way he […]

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29 Ways Leaders Can Inspire and Motivate People

August 5, 2014

What are the best ways to inspire and motivate people? That’s what’s up for discussion for the August Leadership Development Carnival. The carnival, typically hosted by Dan McCarthy of the blog Great Leadership, sometimes takes a road trip and this month it arrives at its temporary home, hosted by Shawn Murphy (@shawmu on Twitter) at […]

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Living Up to the Promise of a Leadership Title

August 4, 2014

Are the leaders in your organization living up to their titles? Yes, yes, I know. The organizational title is a dinosaur. But the reality is that very few organizations have learned to operate without the hierarchy. So, for those companies that still rely on titles, most employees have expectations about how people in senior management […]

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Advice for How to Create a Top Notch Resume

July 31, 2014

Resumes—what to emphasize, words to avoid and how to catch the eye of the person reading your work summary—was the focus of my July HR Answers articles. First up, it’s advice directly from those who review hundreds of resumes each day: Top Resume Writing Tips from HR Managers and Recruiters. I reached out to the […]

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Creating the Perfect Resume – Word Choice Matters

July 28, 2014

When you write a resume, word choice matters. This probably doesn’t surprise you, but maybe some of the words you’re not supposed to include will come as a surprise. The folks at ZipRecruiter shared this infographic with me. It highlights analysis they’ve done on over three million resumes and cover letters in their database. They’ve […]

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