As a content expert for HR Answers, I’m always on the lookout for the latest trends in human resources and leadership development. This month, I did a summary of intriguing social sharing trends in the HR field, plus I wrote a few articles related to the employment life cycle.

First up is 3 Trends in Social Sharing that Impact HR  in which I look at the societal trend of “sharing” through the human resources lens.

When it comes to the employment life cycle, I think of onboarding and offboarding as the “bookends” that support an employee’s overall experience with an organization.  I’ve written extensively on HR Answers about onboarding and this month I wrote about offboarding in 4 Reasons to Treat Departing Employees Well .

And finally, keeping with the employment life cycle theme, here’s an interesting take: what if companies looked at all of the features of employee movement as one integrated process? That’s the idea proposed by HR tech analyst Holger Mueller in The Rise of Transboarding in Human Capital Management. Mueller’s idea is primarily conceptual at this stage, but it’s worth considering, if only for helping organizations better manage onboarding and offboarding practices.



#TimSackettDay Honors Victorio Milian

January 23, 2015

Today is the fourth annual celebration of Tim Sackett Day. It was started by HR blogger Laurie Ruettimann back in the day when she blogged at The Cynical Girl. Tim Sackett Day honors the unsung heroes in human resources – people who may or may not make the list of “Top HR Influencers.” But they are […]

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Emerging HR Trends for 2015 – News You Can Use

January 19, 2015

Are you looking for emerging trends for the upcoming year from HR industry experts? I was doing some research for my HR Answers page and found these great articles. For those of you in HR, be on the lookout for these issues that will affect the way you do business. And business leaders – you […]

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49 Ways to Make HR Better

January 16, 2015

The ever-positive Steve Browne, who blogs at Everyday People, is hosting the week’s Carnival of HR. Steve, whose day job is VP of HR for a restaurant chain, asked bloggers to contribute their advice for “how to make HR better.” And, wow, did people crawl out of the woodwork with ideas. 49 people offered suggestions […]

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Reinvigorate Your Leadership Goals with 60 x 6

January 15, 2015

Did your New Year’s resolutions include being a better leader? Perhaps not exactly, but if you’re like the many people who want to “get more organized”—it’s the #2 resolution according to research by University of Scranton—then there are opportunities to up your leadership game. But it won’t happen automatically: a mere 8% of people say […]

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BS That Works – New Video Series

January 12, 2015

A few years ago, I read the book Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change. It remains one of my favorite business books of the last decade. The authors are part of a consulting firm called Vital Smarts and I’m subscribed to their newsletter. Vital Smarts has recently launch a series called The Behavioral Science […]

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New Leadership Articles at HR Answers

January 5, 2015 has added a “leadership” category to my HR Answers page. As you might imagine, this is exciting news because it’s a topic that’s near and dear to my heart. So for December, I jumped right in and wrote two leadership articles. The first is 7 Ways to Engage and Motivate Your Team which outlines […]

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Top People Equation Posts of 2014

December 31, 2014

It’s time for a bit of reflection before the New Year hits tomorrow. So I took a page from my post Tips for Wrapping Up the Year  and looked at the People Equation posts that got the most traffic in 2014. Here are a few conclusions that I draw from this list that might be […]

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Tips for Wrapping Up the Year

December 29, 2014

Are you working this week? If you have an office job, most likely it’s going to be fairly quiet in the office because many of your colleagues are on vacation. That makes it a perfect time to finish those things you never seem to get around to doing—like filing your expense reports or cleaning off […]

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Joyful Wishes for You

December 25, 2014

Wishing you a joyful day, full of wonder and warmth. And some cookies, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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