126 Office Diversions for Pre-Holiday Work Days

by Jennifer Miller on November 21, 2012

in Workplace Issues

Is your office especially quiet today because a lot of people have already left for the Thanksgiving holiday?

Why are you still working? Oh, it’s because you’re a diligent, hard-working, ethical sort. Well, good for you.

While you hold down the fort, here’s a list of 126 fun, silly and harmless activities that will help you while away the last few hours before the holiday. Well, except for that exploding soap thing. You might want to get some safety glasses for that one.


Caricature example


Create your own caricature






Pretend to look busy by doing any of these 21 things.



elevator buttonRide the company elevator and practice using the ideas from 101 Things to Do In an Elevator.







Use the office microwave to create Soap Soufflé. This one is best with an audience, so be sure to find the other folks who are sitting around trying to look busy.





Play Excel Sheep.  (Unless your IT department blocks it. Then create your own version on Excel.)


Have fun.


Disclaimer: I am NOT your HR lady. If I were, I would not condone this type of behavior. Anything you might do that isn’t related to your real job may or may not be held against you. Luckily, I’m a blogger who is just having a little bit of pre-holiday fun with you. Proceed at your own risk. If you get caught, I know nothing.




Image credit: shutswis / 123RF Stock Photo , istockphoto.com

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