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7 Tips for a Happy Office

December 9, 2013

This post is provided by London Offices, offering handpicked, premier office space in London’s business hub. From natural light to strong coffee, small tweaks and changes to the way your office is run can have huge positive effects on productivity, happiness, and output. Thanks to the office experts at London Offices, who have prepared these seven […]

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Why Confidence is so Important When Leading Change and How to Build It

May 30, 2013

Guest Post by Phil Buckley Confidence is the most important trait leaders can draw upon when leading change. They need to be confident that they are looking at the right information, making the right decisions and giving people the right support to take on new routines. Confidence enables focus, builds momentum and inspires people to […]

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5 Ways to Overcome Resistance to Change

April 16, 2013

Guest Post by Phil Buckley Most people would agree that change isn’t easy. Many people, however, seem surprised when people don’t embrace it. We are creatures of habit, so it seems natural that most people will have difficulty giving up things they are comfortable with for the unknown. A leader once told me that he […]

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Toward a Growth Mindset

March 14, 2013

By Guest Blogger Becky Robinson Note from Jennifer: Today’s post is by my friend Becky Robinson, whom I’ve enjoyed getting to know over the past four years. I’m featuring this guest post because I’m fascinated by the topic of a “growth mindset”. Plus, the book that inspired this post (see below) is a great read. […]

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Mapping the Passage to an Upside Down Organization

February 28, 2013

Guest post by Marilyn D. Jacobson, Ph.D To be competitive in this global environment, leaders must go against the tide to ignite and maintain momentum. I believe that organizations benefit from an engaged workforce, and the only way to achieve that is to flatten the organization structure.  The hierarchy gets in the way of change […]

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How to Use Free Writing to Lead a World-Class Brand

February 6, 2013

Today’s post is by author and consultant Robert D. Smith. I love the idea of “free writing” as Robert describes it. I believe it’s a unique way to boost creativity and build one’s overall personal effectiveness. Enjoy! By: Guest Blogger Robert D. Smith For over 30 years, I have managed a New York Times best-selling […]

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Mentorship Trifecta – Why You Need 3 Mentors for Career Success

December 4, 2012

Note from Jennifer: This guest post is by Misty Smalley, HR practioner and founder of The Corporate Swan. Misty and I are both graduates of the InPower Coaching “Self-Promotion Strategies for Women” program. Misty has a tremendous amount of real-life experience to offer and I’m thrilled she’s sharing it here with the readers of The […]

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4 Skills Leaders Need for a Responsibility Mindset

October 23, 2012

Guest Post by Debbie Nicol, creator, “embers of the world” Leaders of today face the optimum opportunity to transition from entitlement mindset to responsibility mindset, regaining balance while serving all equally.  Executive team members in many organizations are desperate for leaders who possess and openly demonstrate this strong character trait.  Other players of the business […]

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What Six Year Old Twins Can Teach Your CEO about Leading Change

October 19, 2012

Guest Post by Paul Smith, author, Lead with a Story   Human beings are creatures of habit. Change is an unwelcome visitor. But what is it about change that’s so unattractive? Seattle-based author and workshop leader Evelyn Clark learned an insightful lesson on the cause and cure for human resistance to change from an unusual […]

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Keeping the Buck: Fighting the Urge to Blame Others by Taking Responsibility in the Workplace

July 3, 2012

A guest post by Melissa Crossman It’s only natural for people to not want to admit their failures, but at a certain point “passing the buck” becomes a deterrent to productivity in the workplace. On top of being a fruitless discussion, determining who’s to blame for setbacks at work creates unnecessary animosity among coworkers and […]

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