3 Ways for Women to Lighten Their Office Housekeeping Load at Work

by Jennifer Miller on February 8, 2016

in Personal Effectiveness, Workplace Issues

I’ll never forget the first time a male colleague (a peer) asked me to pick up his stuff after a meeting. I was quick to set a boundary: “You brought this stuff into the meeting room, I’m sure you can bring it back to your office.” Needless to say, he didn’t ask twice.

But not all women are as bossy as me. And, not all situations allow women to talk that bluntly at work.

Research shows that women bear the brunt of “office housework” and it decreases their ability to focus on key projects. I wrote about this topic for the InPower Coaching site. Women can help themselves by learning to set appropriate boundaries, as I did with my male colleague all those years ago.

Go on over and check out: Are You Doing the Office Housework? 3 Ways to Manage this Subtle Discrimination in the Workplace. If you’re a woman, you’ve probably experienced this phenomenon. If you’re a man, take a look as well. Your awareness (and willingness to help out) will make a difference in the workplace. And if you’re a leader – male or female – pay close attention. It’s your behaviors that set the tone for this issue.

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