4 Ways Leaders Can Bring Sanity Back to Their Team’s Workload

by Jennifer Miller on March 10, 2016

in Leadership

When you lead a team, there are two elements to productivity: managing your personal output and overseeing others’ workloads. And there’s no shortage of interruptions, distractions and organizational tomfoolery to make it seem like there’s no way you (or your team) will ever accomplish anything meaningful.

On Smartblog on Leadership this month I write about the over-stimulation of the modern workplace. I liken it to a sugar-fueled kid on a rampage at Chuck E Cheese’s. Not a pretty sight. But there are things you can do for yourself – and your team – to help squelch a bit  of the chaos. Go on over and read How to reduce the sugar rush of organizational life. You’ll read about four productivity practices that the experts suggest to help you get your work life back on track. These ideas are great for your team members, too.


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