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by Jennifer Miller on December 20, 2011

in Workplace Issues

5 Posts That Were Tops with Readers

This week, I’m jumping on the “Best Of” bandwagon. As 2011 draws to a close, I looked at my stats to see which blog posts seemed to resonate most with The People Equation readers. I’m not much for fancy data analysis, so the following list was compiled with a simple formula: I looked at the posts that garnered the most views and cross-referenced them with those that also had the most interesting commentary.

What follows are the posts about workplace interactions and human dynamics that drew the most attention, whether it was direct traffic to my site, or via Google:

Top Five

1.   Thank You. 4 Ways to Make Those Two Words Count – this was a quick post I dashed off after receiving a heart-felt “thank you” from my son’s Little League coach.

2.  Teamwork. How Hard Can It Be? – my days as a relay team member on the track team provided a nice discussion point for how we judge others during the critical “hand off” phase of projects.

3.  The Snowball Effect: When Small Workplace Offenses Grow Out of Control– the metaphor of a snowball rolling downhill sets the stage for my thoughts on keeping workplace outbursts to a minimum.

4.  The Golden Rule of Listening: How to Speak Loud and Clear without Opening Your Mouth – I love that this one made the list—it’s a guest post by Tim Eyre. This piece was also picked up by Today’s Financial Women magazine.

5.  Making the Most of Leadership Assessments – this post takes on the issue of whether or not leadership assessments should be administered by internal leadership development staff or by external consultants.


Honorable Mention

These posts had higher page views than those listed above, but they had lots of help from Google and aggregators that picked up the articles for distribution on their site.

Sitting Kills. What Your HR Department Can Do About It.– the research cited in this post haunts me. What if it’s true that the simple act of sitting is the single biggest predictor of one’s longevity?

Professionals Don’t Offer Excuses – this is one of my personal favorites because the topic is near to my heart and because The Conference Board Review reprinted it as Nobody Cares Why You Messed Up.  

25 More Leadership Development Resources – this is the 2011 continuation of a series I started in 2010. What can I say? People love free stuff.


What’s your favorite People Equation post?

What topics would you like me to address in 2012?

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