Big Data Needn’t Be “Evil Data” in the Workplace

by Jennifer Miller on April 12, 2016

in Human Resources, Leadership, Workplace Issues

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When I work with executives, I’m wary when they get that “gleam” in their eye when reviewing reams of data with me. If it’s nothing but, “50% margin blah blah” and “trending indicators yada yada,” warning bells go off in my head. There needs to be the counter-weight of people somewhere in that equation to inform their decision-making.

Big data in the workplace isn’t a bad thing, if used to actually make the office a more “human” place to work.  My latest Huffington Post piece explores the how organizations pair the hi-tech of quantitative analysis with the old-school practice of personally connecting with people for maximum results. Go check it out at Big Data Doesn’t Mean Less Human at Work.

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