Career Success and Paying Attention

by Jennifer Miller on December 14, 2012

in Food for Thought Friday, Personal Effectiveness

magnifying glass on word focusHave you ever noticed that when you pay attention to something specific, more of that thing starts to show up?

That happens with cars – buy a new car in trend-setting Kodiak Brown and as you drive home, you see three more cars on the road in that same exact color.

It works that way in your career, too.

For example, let’s say you’ve decided you want to build your internal network and increase your visibility beyond your department. You make a conscious decision to look for opportunities to connect with people in other functional areas. You reach out to people. Have a few lunches.

After a while, people reciprocate and invite you to lunch. Then, you get a great opportunity to participate on a cross-functional team, which in turn leads to a chance to make a presentation at a conference.

You find yourself thinking, “Wow. I had no idea all these opportunities to improve my visibility were out there.”

Chances are most of the opportunities were there all along. You just started paying attention.

What are you paying attention to at work? Is it bringing your closer to your goals?

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