Developing Skills for Workplace Professionals

by Jennifer Miller on January 18, 2011

in Workplace Issues

SkillSource workforce development solutions


If you’re a regular reader of The People Equation, you know that I rarely make direct reference to my consulting practice, SkillSource.  I figure you come here to read and talk about “people development stuff”— leadership, training and development, communication in the workplace and so on. That’s what I like to talk about too. It’s very gratifying that so many talented people join me here on the blog to kibitz about workplace dynamics.

SkillSource developing skills for workplace professionalsToday’s a bit different though, because we’ve done a bit of “sprucing up” at the SkillSource corporate site and we’d love for you to check it out. Consider yourself invited to a virtual open house!

Over at the SkillSource site, you’ll find professional development resources for trainers, human resources and professional business coaches. SkillSource is an authorized independent distributor for Inscape Publishing’s line of self-development assessments for topics like time management, team collaboration and listening. We also carry a full selection of the DiSC® line of personality profiles.

So come on over and take a tour. Check out our workplace consulting services, train-the-trainer programs and ready-to-go interpersonal skills workshops.

I hope you like what we’ve done with the place.

A huge “thanks” goes out to Mike Devarenne of SwampSide Studio for all of his technical and graphic design expertise. If you’re looking to create a website from scratch, or to update your existing site, I highly recommend him!

photo credit: © Glenda Powers

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