Do Job-Seekers Have Rights?

by Jennifer Miller on October 27, 2014

in Human Resources, Workplace Issues

Do job-seekers who work with recruiters or staffing agencies have “rights”? It’s an interesting premise. Recruiting firm The Wunderland Group even goes so far as to propose a job-seeker’s “Bill of Rights”.

I like the spirit of this infographic — as a job seeker, you should know your worth and understand the process of working with a talent placement professional. At the same time, I urge caution for any job seeker who thinks these rights are “inalienable”. There is no “natural law” surrounding job-seekers’ rights when working with a recruiter. These rights most certainly can be revoked at any time, if they were ever offered at all. When it comes to job-seeking, there’s no guarantee of anything.

And, when paired with the current job market in which older workers are staying the workforce longer, stifling job opportunities for younger workers, does it make sense to demand your rights?

The best recruiter-candidate relationships are based on mutual respect and trust. This infographic puts the ball solidly in the job seekers court to understand the way the talent selection works in a recruiter’s world. This is a good thing.

So, don’t be a doormat. Be informed, but stay humble. And, don’t go waving your Bill of Rights in the recruiter’s face when you first talk. All that’s going to do is get your resume tossed in the trash.

wunderland job seeker bill of rights


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