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by Jennifer Miller on March 18, 2019

in Human Resources

This week, Globoforce (recently renamed as WorkHuman) hosts its 5th WorkHuman Conference in Nashville. If you’re reading this, you’re probably not in Nashville. But that’s OK. You can still follow the goings on from wherever you happen to be.

Follow #WorkHuman on Twitter.

Check out the WorkHuman Facebook page.

Listen to WorkHuman Radio podcasts.

Read the WorkHuman blog.

Join the conversation on the WorkHuman LinkedIn Community.

If you’re up for energizing yourself — and learning how you can bring humanity to work I encourage you to check out these amazing resources. I’ve met so many interesting, collaborative and genuinely wonderful humans at this conference over the years. The conference organizers have made a great effort to include you, even if you can’t join in the fun in Nashville.

So join in! Leave a comment and let me know which topics on the WorkHuman agenda are of most interest to you.


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