Honoring the Unsung #HR Professional

by Jennifer Miller on January 23, 2013

in Human Resources, Social Media

Have you thanked an unsung hero today?

Have you thanked an unsung hero today?

In the social media space, there are a lot of lists out there attempting to quantify influential voices in a given professional domain. You know, “Top 100 Influencers in Cat Herding” or “Most Influential Digital CPAs”.

Depending on whom you ask the lists are revelatory or a total waste of time. There does seem to be a correlation to whether or not one’s name is on the list. <sly wink>


I like what blogger Laurie Ruettimann did last year – she just made up her own Day of Recognition. Laurie is a former Fortune 500 HR pro with deep connections in the talent management community. She skipped all the debating, ranking and list-izing and went straight to the heart of the matter – what HR professional will never make a list of Top HR Influencers – but should have because of his or her efforts?

The result was last year’s first annual Tim Sackett Day on January 23, which honors the unsung heroes in the HR profession.  Yeah, it’s tongue-in-cheek, but it’s sincere too.

This year’s honoree is Paul Hebert@IncentIntel. OK, here’s the thing – Paul is actually a marketing dude BUT here’s his connection to Human Resources – he specializes in building employee loyalty through incentives. And not just in a superficial way – he clearly understands the emotional component of employee loyalty and engagement. Still skeptical? Read this comprehensive treatment of extrinsic versus intrinsic motivation from his blog. Be still my psych nerd beating heart!

If you’re so inclined – go ahead and pass this message along. If you tweet, use the hashtag #timsackettday.

How can you make the day of an unsung hero in your profession?

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