How to Be Irresistible

by Jennifer Miller on February 22, 2013

in Food for Thought Friday

Helpful Irresistible

This quote comes from a presentation I attended for using LinkedIn more effectively. This quote from Michael Yoder’s presentation to the Grand Rapids Area Professionals for Excellence really had me thinking. Mike was saying, in effect, when you approach things with a “helping” mindset, then people are naturally drawn to you. His point related to LinkedIn was: if you aren’t sure what to share in a status update, think, “what content would be helpful to my connections?”

I believe this mindset is helpful far beyond a social media platform.  When you approach your business connections with an intention to help, I agree with Michael that people will be positively drawn to you.

Food for Thought: is the collary to this, “if you are unhelpful, you are repulsive”?

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