July Leadership Development Roundtable Challenge

by Jennifer Miller on July 13, 2011

in Leadership

We’re in the second month of Dan McCarthy’s new leadership blogging brainchild, The Leadership Development Roundtable Challenge. Each month, a group of leadership bloggers give their advice on how to handle a dicey leadership development dilemma.

This month’s host is Art Petty and he’s served up a dilemma worthy of debate: “What price, brilliance?” Go on over to his blog Management Excellence, read the case study and see what monthly contributors Art Petty, Dan McCarthy, Mary Jo Asmus, Scott Eblin, Steve Roesler and yours truly have to say.

Art has also invited Sharlyn Lauby of HR Bartender to extend her advice as a “guest blogger” for the Roundtable. Sharlyn’s blog has garnered numerous awards for its timely observations of Human Resource and Talent Management issues, so I look forward to reading her advice.

Should be interesting reading!

And remember, you can vote on which advice you like best, so be sure to cast your vote for the July Leadership Development Roundtable Challenge.

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