Leaders – Take a Leap of Faith to Build Trust

by Jennifer Miller on October 24, 2012

in Leadership

Do you have teenaged kids? Do they have a curfew? Today, I wrote a guest post about my experiences with curfews for Debbie Nicol’s  Embers of the World blog in which I explore the idea of trust – do people have to “earn” it, or should you “give” it freely?

You can check it out in Building Trust with a Leap of Faith.

Earlier this week, Debbie Nicol wrote a guest post here on The People Equation called 4 Skills Leaders Need for a Responsibility Mindset. It’s part of her “virtual book tour” in which she is traveling the globe (virtually) and making guest appearances for her new book, Corporate Embers. If you want to check out the virtual book tour, click here.


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