Matchbooks and Memories

by Jennifer Miller on October 21, 2012

in Weekend Reflections

Matchbook II


When you see this photo, what comes to mind?




Camp fires?


Birthday cakes?


Do you even recognize what this is?


We were at a pumpkin-carving party and needed to light our completed Jack-o’-Lanterns. The party hostess rummaged in a drawer and found this book of matches. Immediately, Mr. People Equation and I were hit with a wave of nostalgia. We were transported back to the 1970’s of our youth– when people routinely used this portable means of creating fire.


Does anybody even use match books anymore?

A bit of research indicates that indeed, there are still uses for matchbooks – artwork (I like the Pee Wee Herman homage) and for keeping track of one’s hotel address when traveling. I wonder if anybody still uses them to light a fire?

These days, I much prefer Bic’s Summer Multi-Purpose Lighter – inexpensive, easy to find.

Even though I wouldn’t go back to using matches, (too many incidents of burnt fingers) it’s always fun to discover an artifact that takes us “way back”.

What interesting artifacts have you recently excavated from your home’s closets or drawers?




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