Quotes from Women in #Leadership

by Jennifer Miller on February 15, 2016

in Leadership

Blogging on The People Equation has taught me that readers love lists of quotations. Leadership quotes are a particular favorite. And if you bring gender into the equation,  you get brisk discussion out of it as well. Just ask my friend and fellow leadership blogger Jesse Lyn Stoner.

John Walston, co-founder of the site Resourceful Manager, sent me an email to let me know about a leadership infographic his team created for their blog. It caught my eye because it featured women in leadership. My curiosity was piqued so I checked out the rest of the site. Written by a cadre of former journalists, Resourceful Manager features excellent content for managers seeking to improve their leadership abilities.

The infographic is reproduced here with permission.

I’m especially drawn to Rosalynn Carter’s observation that leading often requires taking people to places they initially resist.

Which leadership quote resonates most with you? Join the discussion and enter a comment.



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