Hyrum Smith

The 3-Step Process to Writing Your Personal Social Constitution

February 29, 2016

When you’re clear on what you stand for, it’s easier to weather a sea of distractions. Most people are fairly clear about their personal values, but sometimes it’s difficult to stay true to those values, especially at work. When I interviewed Hyrum W. Smith for his latest book The 3 Gaps, he described a simple […]

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Beliefs, Deadlines and Productivity Measurements

February 18, 2016

Before I interviewed Hyrum W. Smith for his new book The 3 Gaps, I asked my Facebook friends to submit questions for the best-selling author and former CEO of Franklin Covey. He graciously extended our interview to field those questions. If you’ve never heard Hyrum Smith speak, here’s what you need to know: he’s energetic, […]

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Closing the 3 Gaps – A Blueprint for Inner Peace

January 12, 2016

Hyrum Smith’s teachings have had a profound impact on the way I prioritize my life. As a young professional, I recall listening to an audio tape on how to effectively use the Franklin Planner time management system. Hyrum, then the founder of the Franklin Institute, was a charismatic speaker who was passionate about helping people […]

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