Leadership Transition

3 Typical Problems First-Time Managers Face—and How to Solve Them

March 28, 2016

Taking on your first official management role is exciting. It’s also challenging, overwhelming and perplexing. In a webinar with over 900 first-time managers, The Ken Blanchard Companies asked people to list their biggest challenge when they made the leap from individual contributor. David Witt, Program Director for Blanchard, wrote about their responses in this LinkedIn […]

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New Series – Your First 100 Days as a Leader

March 9, 2015

Most leadership transition experts agree that the first 100 days of a leader’s tenure sets the tone for one’s leadership effectiveness. I wrote a new series for the leadership category of the HR Answers.com page. The series is called “Your First 100 Days as a New Leader – Tips for Launching a Successful Transition”, and in it you’ll […]

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Organizational Transformation – Key Learning from Executives

April 25, 2013

This is part three of a series of discussions with Marilyn Jacobson, Ph.D, author of: Turning the Pyramid Upside Down: A New Leadership Model. To see the previous two posts, you can check out Turning the Hierarchy Upside Down and A Shift in Leadership Thinking. For this third and final part of the series, Dr. […]

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9 Things Team Members Want to Know About the New Boss, but Won’t Ask

January 28, 2013

Are you new to a leadership role? One of the most important things you must do is establish a rapport with your direct reports (or team members if it’s a project team). Bring your team members on board is #3 on my list of six key actions a newly appointed leader should take. One way […]

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New Leaders and Low-Hanging Fruit

January 3, 2013

In my post New Leadership Role? Start Strong with These 6 Key Actions I outline the six things that new leaders must do during their first 100 days on the job to set themselves up for future success. One of my recommendations is to “grab low-hanging fruit”. But not just any low-hanging fruit will do. […]

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New Leadership Role? Start Strong with These 6 Key Actions

December 19, 2012

Any time you take on a new leadership role, there’s a learning curve. Most experts agree that the first 100 days of a new leader’s job is vital to setting the stage for future successes. Now is not the time to jump in and make wholesale changes. That time comes in the second 100 days […]

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