Shelley Row

Are You Over-Functioning in Your Leadership Role?

July 18, 2016

Most people want to work for a caring boss. Not only is it more enjoyable, it’s good for your health, according to research by Stanford professor Jeffrey Pfeffer. Compassion is certainly a hallmark of leadership effectiveness. But can a leader care too much? Shelley Row, a professional engineer and former transportation executive believes that caring […]

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Over-Thinking Things? Here’s How to Get Out of Your Own Way

February 22, 2016

Have you been struggling through a dilemma and spinning your wheels? You know the feeling: you’re trying to come to a decision, but you just can’t shake the niggling sense that something is out of place. You’ve made a list of “pros” and “cons,” you’ve talked with friends. You’ve searched the internet and read dozens […]

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Think Less, Live More – A Worthwhile Gift

January 28, 2016

When I first ordered Shelley Row’s book Think Less, Live More: Lessons from a Recovering Over-Thinker, I was intrigued by the notion of learning to not “over-think” things. Indeed, this book does cover that topic. Yet it explores much more than just how to get out of analysis paralysis. The book also discusses how to […]

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Leaders Who Micro-Manage are Over-Functioning

January 6, 2016

Nobody likes to be micro-managed. Yet nearly all of us have felt the intense pressure of a manager who was too involved in the minutiae of our daily work lives. There are many reasons why leaders micro-manage. In some cases, a hands-on approach actually has benefits, according to this BBC article by Sydney Finkelstein. Leaders micro-manage […]

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Leadership Means Learning to Let Go

December 21, 2015

My eldest child starts driver’s training today. A couple of years ago my good friend Mike Henry, (who has already lived through this phase) told me, “If you think the teen years are hard now, wait until he starts driving.” Well, Mike, that day is here! It’s terrifying. The responsibility is huge. There’s potential for […]

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