How to Tend Your Company’s Cultural Garden

November 14, 2013

How much care is taken with your company’s values? Are they simply slogans on a banner in your lunchroom . . . or something deeply embedded in your organizational culture? And what happens when leaders make business decisions that fly in the face of those values? That’s what I write about in this month’s Smartblog […]

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The Musicality of Leaders and Teams

October 10, 2013

Have you ever considered that leadership has a musicality to it? My latest Smartblog on Leadership article explores how successful leadership messages contain the three key elements of music. It occurs to me that you could also look at teams through the “musicality” filter. Melody – the key theme for the team; its purpose Harmony […]

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Mapping the Passage to an Upside Down Organization

February 28, 2013

Guest post by Marilyn D. Jacobson, Ph.D To be competitive in this global environment, leaders must go against the tide to ignite and maintain momentum. I believe that organizations benefit from an engaged workforce, and the only way to achieve that is to flatten the organization structure.  The hierarchy gets in the way of change […]

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