What’s New In Corporate Culture?

by Jennifer Miller on October 5, 2010

in Workplace Issues

Anything New in Your Corporate Culture?

Randstad US, a global provider of HR services, recently commissioned the research firm Ipsos Public Affairs to survey a sampling of employed adults across the United States on their opinions about their company’s culture. You can review the findings here.

As part of the research, Randstad used four definitions of company culture as cited in the book “Corporate Cultures: the Rites and Rituals of Corporate Life,” by Terrence Deal and Allan Kennedy. The definitions were:

  • All Hands on Deck Culture: everyone works as a team no matter your title or position, the focus here is working together to get projects done
  • Process Culture: it’s all about data, grids and forms, the culture lacks creativity, but focuses heavily on the procedure and bureaucracy
  • Work Hard/Play Hard Culture: fun and action are the rule here, employees take pride in work and its quality, but don’t miss opportunities to enjoy time with co-workers
  • Tough-Guy, Macho Culture: get the job done is the focus here, feedback and constructive criticism reign and you are expected to know what you are doing with little or no direction

Survey respondents were asked to say which definition best described their workplace culture.   About 16% of the survey participants said none of the descriptions appropriately described their company’s culture.  This book was published a decade ago.  I know companies today that could be classified into one of the four categories listed, but it doesn’t surprise me that 16% of the respondents didn’t believe these definitions “fit”. There seems to be a category or two missing. For example I don’t see any of the definitions above giving a strong nod to innovation.  And, where does our societal trend of high-connectivity fit in? Perhaps it’s part of the All Hands On Deck. . .or maybe the Work/Hard Play Hard, but I’m not convinced.

What do you think? What’s new in the world of corporate culture?

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