Zen of Jen – Living in the Moment

by Jennifer Miller on October 30, 2016

in Zen of Jen

living in the momentWhat’s the secret to remaining spry, healthy and happy at the age of 93 years old? Wait, Wait . . . Don’t Tell Me host Peter Sagal asked this of screenwriter and TV producer Norman Lear on this segment of NPR’s weekly radio news game show.

His response was succinct. And brilliant.

Lear says it boils down to two simple words: “Over” and “Next”.

“When something is over, it is over…and then we are on to next,” said the mind behind ground-breaking television show such as, All in the Family. We don’t give enough consideration to these two words, Lear said, because actually, there is a third alternative.

“And if there were to be a hammock in the middle…between ‘over’ and ‘next,’ that would be what is meant by living in the moment. I live in the moment.”

Positively sublime.

Tell me: How do you relax into the “hammock of the now?”

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